27 June 2008

Update on Walking stats

I am currently in Los Vegas and it is about 36 degrees - way too hot for walking!!! However as I don't gamble and don't want to renew my wedding vows (on account of how JR's not here) I suspect I had better walk.

Today I have walked 12,794 steps. I started the day walking to town from work and sharing a coffee with Kathy. We then went shopping for our afternoon tea farewell - 5 out of 7 of the team finish up on Monday, my boss and I continue on - me for three months and then we will see. We then walked back to work. I carried the three bottles of champagne, so I figure I have done my weight lifting for the day as well.

Tomorrow I am off to the local national park to walk for a couple of hours with the Sole Sistaz. I will give you an update of all the stats as well as my thoughts on Los Vegas tomorrow. Perhaps I should look up the parents of my friend in Adelaide, they live in LV somewhere?

Happy walking.


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