1 July 2007

July already

Caught up with TSS this morning and visited Vinnies, where I purchased a small present for my mum's birthday next month. We then adjourned to the Savanah Restaurant, recently reopened in the restaurant strip outside the Hyperdome. Here I had a lovely breakfast, with poached eggs, tomatoes, bacon on sour dough with hollondaise sauce, with a plunger of Cleopatra champagne tea.

Photo courtesy of TSS

While waiting for the food I got to colour in my own place mat, fortunately for me, the food was better than the art. Savanah was a restaurant we regularly had lunch at for work, as well as the four of us as a family on the weekends. It was hard when it closed for renovations, as it was a great place for groups and families, without being a chain food stop. We also thought that with all the renovations, it may never come back, so it was with great delight that I found it open this morning. On weekend's they serve breakfast until 12.30pm, so that has to be a bonus. We meandered back into the Hyperdome and then I went off home, leaving TSS to shop (something she has not done for a month, so she was pretty keen).

At home I took a call from the school, the Principal of Monash Primary was on the phone to explain the process for next week. See here for the background. AJR will be bussed to and from Erindale College and will have access to a great computer lab, but no canteen. They have their own area to use for recess and lunch and have a section of classrooms. College finishes at the end of Monday, so they will only have to share the College for one day. The Principal indicated that they would be doing school work over the next week, for which I am grateful. I really object to the number of video's and cleaning jobs they usually get at the end of semester. The Principal also seemed to suggest that the repairs might take longer than three weeks!!!! Watch this spot.

I used my new convection microwave oven this afternoon, AJR made a chocolate brownie slice and Mondo an apricot slice. I will post more on Aunty A.


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