29 January 2007

Organising has started in 2007

We have been busy cleaning the house as part of the pledge to be more organised this year. So far the study is more under control and MLR's room has carpet, instead of a layer of clothes, followed by a layer of toys, followed by a mixed layer of clothes and toys, more like a domino's triple ripple, than a bedroom floor. The next room was the back room as it is needed at the end of the week. The photo's here show what we took out of the back room.

Mikael and his band from Newcastle, Same Old Story, are coming to stay on Friday night. They are playing at the local Tuggeranong Youth Centre. There are 4 teenage boys in the band and Mikeal is the drummer known as Micky D.

We have now washed the bathroom and swept the bedroom. Thursday night will see us putting four mattresses down, the guys are bringing their own sleeping bags.

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Louise Burford said...

Well done on the clean-up! We have stereo speakers like that. I know, I must do some more blogging. Nothing very exciting has happened recently. But this weekend we are off to Hearst Castle to do some more exploring. I can't wait!!! :) More pics will definitely follow. I promise.