30 April 2008

Birthdays and Berrima

Here is the ice cream cake for MLR at home

April is birthday rama for this family, there is Neisha on the 4th, niece on the 14th, Grandpa on the 21st, MLR on the 25th and nephew on the 29th - what a party!

AC and TC in the park
A small gathering of three of the April birthday people gathered in the southern highlands at Berrima to celebrate with lunch at the oldest continuously licenced pub in NSW, followed by coffee and cake in the park. Lunch was held in the closed in veranda of the pub, on the corner. A light filled area with views to the gaol (we did not see anyone trying to escape). Most of us had fish and chips or chicken and chips, while some started and finished with desert. While the place was incredibly busy, we were all served quickly (apart from a slow delivery on the last fish and chips). The price was reasonable.

The cake is a ginger and cherry cake (two of Grandpa's favourite flavours)

The start of the birthday cake

How the cake finished up
TC brought chocolate cup cakes which were appreciated by all, but especially the children.

After some confusion about parks and playgrounds and who was following whom, we ended up in a nice park near the river.

How many people does it take to light a sparkler on a windy day?

Four cousins (between rounds of survivor)

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