12 October 2007

Return to Monash

The three little pigs?

On Monday we took off for home and stopped off in Berrima for a browse.

Spending the weekend away from home nearly killed AJR as he had had no computer games all weekend and he was keen to get home to his electronic toys. Meandering through Berrima was not high on his agenda.

While in Berrima it was blowing a gale - as we crossed a park a branch fell from a tree and missed all of us!!! We ran across the rest of the park. We had a lovely lunch at the Magpie Cafe, which is open for breakfast lunch and dinner 7 days a week. We mooched around many of the shops and checked out the old gaol and courthouse, as well as the church.

Courthouse Museum~~~~~~~~Gaol

Church~~~~Superintendents House built 1898
We passed the Surveyor General Inn, Australia's oldest continually licensed inn. We remembered a previous time in Berrima with my brother and his family, when the boys got drinks from this Inn.

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