1 September 2007

Kangaroo Valley Part 1

Last weekend JSR and I ran away to Kangaroo Valley, leaving the children in the care of grandparents (thank you so much).

We left late on Friday, just after 6pm. We decided that we would dine at our favourite restaurant in Goulburn, 'Fireside Inn' which we discovered one Sunday afternoon on our way home from Sydney. We enjoyed a lovely meal, with excellent service. The food is traditional Australian with a hint of Italian. Highly recommended.

Arriving just after 10pm at the Kangaroo Valley Golf & Country Resort, we found our hideaway, at number 20 easily. It was very welcoming and felt at home straight away.

On Saturday awoke to the twitter of birds and the thwack of golf balls - a blissful sounds!
Eventually we looked out of the window finding the valley full of mist.

and dew hung on the cobwebs strung in the trees.

We set off to explore the village of Kangaroo Valley and started with Hampden Bridge, which we had crossed late on Friday night. This is the only surviving suspension bridge from the colonial times in NSW, opening in May 1898. The bridge is named after Lord Hampden, Governor of NSW from 1895-1899. The bridge is only one lane wide.

Two views of the Bridge

JSR filming at the bridge

Breakfast was the next need for the day and it was found at Source at Kangaroo. The food was excellent and the restaurant had views to the bridge. Afterwards we wandered around the bridge and looked at the river. At least once each five minutes the peace of the valley was shattered by the sound of squealing brakes as cars, trucks and buses worked at stopping to give way to oncoming traffic on the bridge.

Off to Berry next. Here we mooched around the shops and did very little, found an excellent wine shop and then had a bit of bite at the old post office, called Postmans Ghost Cafe. It reminded us a lot of the old post office cafe at Wentworth Falls. Headed back up the hill to Kangaroo Valley.

Thought that the restaurant at the golf club might be the go, but it was fully booked, then tried the Thai Restaurant in Kangaroo Valley, but it was also fully booked, so we booked for Sunday night. Ended up eating cheese, biscuits and dip in our room. Watched the Bill and drank some wine that we bought in Berry.

Sunday had breakfast in town at the Cafe Bella where we also played a game of chess. Food was nice, if slow and the pepper mill had to be found!!!

The afternoon was dedicated to the art of golf, he played and I drove the fastest golf cart in the valley.

Dinner was at Jing jo Thai, in the main street of Kangaroo Valley. The food was excellent, and service wonderful. The vendors are from Sydney, where they also ran a Thai restaurant. As we were leaving with a lovely bottle of Margaret River semillion, that we had not finished, the couple sitting nearest to the cash register asked us about the wine? We said we liked it and they were pleased as they had recommended and supplied the wine to the restaurant! Such a small world in the Valley.

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